A 3 minute crash course in evil eye protection

November 23, 2019

A 3 minute crash course in evil eye protection

Above: Blue With Envy All Eyes On Me Tote Bag

Superstition versus supernatural

It’s not hard to list popular superstitions. Broken mirrors, black cats, getting a tattoo of your significant other’s name… the list is long, sometimes comical and usually swept aside as nothing more than a myth or an old wives tale.

But in other parts of the world, deep-rooted folklore and spiritual teachings give a significant amount of weight towards the supernatural: the belief in positive and negative forces, virtue versus evil, or simply a universal energy


The Evil Eye and the Karmic Difference

Karma is a bitch sign

Bad karma is avoidable. The evil eye, less so.

Commonly regarded as a curse or a wish of bad luck conjured up by a specific individual, the negative energy of the evil eye gains its power from jealousy or envious stares that cause varying degrees of misfortune to their unsuspecting victim. The more success or good fortune you have, the more likely you will attract the malicious evil eye. 

On the other hand, Karma is a concept that dictates your fate based on your actions. So while bad Karma might explain a middle seat on an eight-hour flight next to a screaming baby because your past life travel etiquette was less than ideal, the negative energy from an evil eye might explain why you lost a high profile client, since your success at work has now made you the focus of envious energy. 

The symbolism behind the blue eye and the hamsa hand 

Evil Eye Nazar Necklace Charm

Above: Evil eye necklace charm

The symbolic protection from envy or jealousy attributed to the evil eye is most commonly, and ironically enough, a symbol of an eye. Also known as Nazar, these eyes are always blue, which is widely regarded as a positive, protective color, while the eye itself stares back at any malevolent glares. Believers wanting protection from the evil eye will typically acquire an amulet or talisman of a blue eye that is usually worn as jewelry or as a decorative piece placed somewhere around the home. Look familiar? We drew our inspiration for Blue With Envy from this beautiful charm.

Another symbol used in evil eye protection is the Hamsa Hand, also known as the Hand Of Fatima, an open right hand, with the five fingers resting side by side naturally. The number five, or “khamsa” in Arabic, is regarded as good luck, and when the palm faces up, it is said to halt envy and jealously. When the Hamsa Hand faces down, the owner invites positivity, health, and fortune.

 Blue With Envy Hamsa Hand Teal Coaster Set

Above: Blue With Envy Hamsa Hand Wooden Coaster Set in Teal 

Ready to protect against some negative juju? Shop our collection of Hamsa Hand Wooden Coasters and Hamsa Hand Framed Wall Art by Egyptian artist Gharib Khatab. These hand-carved, symbolic pieces are also the perfect gift for housewarmings, weddings, baby showers, new jobs, or any other time you want to pass along a little spiritual protection. 

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