Baruma doll バルマ Digital Art Print

The Daruma, a traditional Japanese doll, is modeled after a monk who is said to have been the founder of Zen Buddhism. Often red and depicting the bearded monk's face, these dolls are seen as a symbol of good luck. Among Egyptians, a famous satirical expression is "wakla'h el baruma," which translates to "screwed over by life" or "down on your luck". Perhaps some Zen meditation is the perfect antidote to this sad, fez-wearing dude rolled up in that Daruma doll..


Digital art print by Tokyo-based, Egyptian cartoonist Sherif Adel from his series "Tokyo 2 Cairo":

  • Material: Printed on premium luster photo paper
  • Dimensions: 8 x 10"
  • Origin: Egypt/Japan
  • Made by: Sherif Adel, a.k.a Barbatoze

Why we love it:

The humor of these two opposing energies brought together by cartoonist Sherif Adel in a witty language pun is the perfect accessory for any good-natured pessimist. 

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