Omda-Samurai オムダ侍 Digital Art Print

A fearsome warrior with 2 katanas, a Samurai is one of the most identifiable icons of Japanese pop culture. In reality, Samurais had huge political influence and were often seen as role models with their nobility and discipline. Over by the Nile River in Egypt, the village elder or Omda is often depicted with a strong gaze, curled mustache, and huge turban. Omdas are feared and respected, as they govern and protect their cities when they’re not enjoying the sport of Tahteeb; a choreographed fight with wooden swords, not unlike Japanese Kendo. So who would win in a sword fight, Samurai or Omda? We may never know....

Exclusive digital art print by Tokyo-based, Egyptian cartoonist Sherif Adel from his series "Tokyo 2 Cairo":

  • Material: Printed on premium luster photo paper
  • Dimensions: 8 x 10"
  • Origin: Egypt/Japan
  • Made by: Sherif Adel, Barbatoze

Why we love it:

Another brilliant mash-up by Sherif Adel, the Omda-Samurai honors time-old traditions of two seemingly different cultures that actually have more in common than you would expect. 

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